Alpine is the exclusive agent for SACO in Asia

Simple to use video based lighting

Typical Lighting System


The tallest building in the world is using SACO products

What we do

About Alpine


We are focused on architectural lighting and dynamic lighting for skyscrapers, museums, stadiums, city scapes, shopping malls, monuments.

Most Innovative Products

We have the BEST technology in dynamic lighting. We use video based lighting vs other companies using older control technologies.

For example, A DMX (control system used by others) universe allows a control of a maximum of 170 RGB fixtures (1 universe = 512 addresses). While a VIDEO Raster allow SACO  to control seamlessly and smoothly over 2,000,000 RGB fixtures. 

1 Video Processor can do more than  12,000  DMX universes  

DMX is an old communication protocol that uses low speed data to control the light fixtures, DMX was never intended to run more than 170 fixtures, anything beyond is stressing the system for something it was never designed to do. LSII Video System was designed to run over 2 Million fixtures in perfect sync.


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